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Post-Installation and Maintenance

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Once your project has been completed to your satisfaction, we then develop a unique program for maintenance and management for each individual property, taking into account local and seasonal factors, as well as your budget.

We then deploy this plan to persistently meet these needs without fail. When needed, we tap into our extensive network of expert horticulturists, agronomists, and arborists, and also our various landscape development, tree, and golf course resources.

Our post-construction maintenance and management services include: Landscape Maintenance, Irrigation Maintenance, Lighting Maintenance, and Water Features Maintenance.

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Creating a new garden starts by meeting you on site and listening to your needs and wishes. We walk your property, explore the conditions of the site, and generate ideas. We then provide you with recommendations, as well as show you pictures of our work. At this time, we’ll request a copy of the property […]

Our design, installation, and renovation crews will work alongside you, your builder, or your general contractor to help ensure that everything goes as planned and for input on any decisions that need to be made along the way.

The most common times for us to be involved are to approve preparation for installing hardscape, bender board, […]

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