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Most people probably never hire a basement waterproofing contractor and the few that do have a hard time determining what a fair basement waterproofing cost would be. In order to determine that you have to consider many factors. Some of these are obvious so bear with me.

Water Abatement ~ Basement Waterproofing

Most people probably never hire a basement waterproofing contractor and the few that do have a hard time determining what a fair basement waterproofing cost would be. In order to determine that you have to consider many factors. Some of these are obvious so bear with me.

Basement waterproofing cost, what is fair?

The estimate for basement waterproofing you may get will be a reflection of the cost of doing business of the basement waterproofing contractors you interview. Those that are on TV, in print ads, setting up booths at all the trade shows and fairs etc… obviously have a higher marketing cost and that will factor into your basement waterproofing cost with those contractors.

On the low side, those basement waterproofing companies that use subcontractor labor, do not pull permits or licenses and work out of their home or garage will obviously have a very low cost of doing business and a relative low estimate.

So it is obviously important that you do your homework on the basement waterproofing companies you interview to get proof of their licensing, worker’s compensation insurance, place of business etc… This will also tell you how well established the company is and how easy or difficult it would be for them to disappear, or more popularly, close under one name and reopen under another in order to avoid customer service.

You cannot tell a book by its cover, especially today. The internet and various advertising outlets can make a brand new small business appear to be a well established large corporation. Again, do your homework.

Ok, so you want numbers. Those companies that are on the low side will likely be between $45 and $75 per foot for an interior basement waterproofing system and or combination inside outside system; and $55 and up per foot for exterior basement waterproofing systems depending on soil/rock/debris depth.

Those who are the “big guys” on TV and sending out teams of salespeople, with teams of inside marketing agents will be in the high side and price between $75 and $155 per foot for an interior basement waterproofing system. Often times these companies will also offer some sort of “patented system” to make it impossible for you to compare other basement waterproofing contractors offerings.

So those are the lows and highs, and then of course there are many basement waterproofing contractors that will fall somewhere in between.

What to look for in basement waterproofing company to solve basement water leaks.

Not every basement waterproofing company goes about solving basement water leaks the same way, as you may have learned if you have been shopping basement waterproofing companies lately. Most basement waterproofing companies sell specific basement systems like a one size fits all and some basement waterproofing contractors are full service. That would be the first thing to look for when considering contracting your basement repair project.

Companies that sell one specific system, franchised contractors for sure operate this way, will have impressive presentations that will bring up other methods and present an argument for their solution. A full service basement waterproofing company will leave you in control of the solution that makes the best sense for your problems with plenty of good direction and advice. To test a company ask for references on each method, exterior basement waterproofing and interior basement waterproofing as well as combination solutions.

Look for the obvious (yet not as common as you think) such as licensing, bond, worker’s compensation insurance etc… Many salesmen will say they have those things, make them prove it and also call your local building department to verify.

Check out the Better Business Bureau and reviews. Dig in beyond the surface rating and look at the complaint histories such as what types of complaints have been filed and are they resolved.

Avoid “today only” or any other sales gimmicks. A popular one among basement waterproofing companies is the “stand by” or “flex schedule” tactic. They tell you they can offer a substantial savings if you are willing to be on call. It is simply a tactic using logic to get another shot at a signed contract on the first visit.

Why do basement waterproofing contractors offer different basement systems?

Solving the problem in only one of these areas can result in the problem moving to other areas.There are specific reasons why basement waterproofing contractors offer different basement systems to solve basement water leaks and problems associated with foundations.

The number one reason is most basement waterproofing contractors only actually install one type of system. Many of these contractors incorporate into their “sales pitch” a review of all types of basement waterproofing solutions in a way that leads their customers to the one they want to sell, the only one they actually install.

Those that area interior basement waterproofing contractors will exaggerate or emphasise the extent of disturbance to the exterior surrounding your foundation and the “nightmare” will scare you away from exterior basement waterproofing.

Those that only install exterior basement waterproofing will present a very logical argument that all water comes from outside and thus that is the only “right” way to fix your basement water leaks.

Then you have basement waterproofing contractors who sell patented basement systems and do so because they are looking for that edge in the sales process to rule out all competition. Their “patented system” is very impressive, again logical in how it solves the foundation problem because they have highly trained sales people that sell their one solution over and over in the same way day after day and get very good at it.

Do yourself a favor if you have interviewed any of the above type of basement waterproofing companies and seek out another opinion from a full service basement waterproofing company that can prove they actually install all types of basement waterproofing solutions with references, pictures etc…

Basement waterproofing contractor checklist

If you are looking to hire a basement waterproofing contractor you may wonder about how to qualify candidates to stop your basement water leaks. Many of these are obvious but let’s cover them to be thorough:

Are they licensed to do business in your community? You would be surprised. Many basement waterproofing contractors work under the radar avoiding the paperwork and fees associated with performing basement repair. Call your local building department to check this out.

Do they use subcontractors? Most do. This way they can avoid paying payroll taxes, insurances etc… And if they are using the same subs over and over they are violating the law. Using subcontractors keeps costs down but also open the door to great risk, leading to…

Can they prove they have Worker’s Compensation insurance? If they use subs, they are not insuring them. Most subs do not carry their own worker’s comp. insurance because it is very costly. So if there is an accident and an injury on the job in your home and there is no insurance, you pay for all the medical care and related damages to that person or persons.

Do they sell the same basement systems to everyone? A basement waterproofing contractor that owns a franchise will definitely do this and most others do as well. It makes selling easier and performing the labor easier. The problem with a one size fits all basement systems approach is that the basement solution offered may not be the best one for you. For example, if your basement has wet walls, exterior basement waterproofing is likely the best bet. Many companies will “fix” it on the inside though and your foundation will continue to have dampness in it whether you see it or not.

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