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Hardscaping refers to the use of non-plant material, such as stone or stone-like materials, and wood in the garden.

For the best in Hardscape design & installation offers rely on Forever Young Hardscaping.

Examples of this include garden walls, walkways, and patios. Hardscaping is the backbone of any successful outdoor project.

Our design staff will use its years of design experience to create for you the most usable hardscape space for your personal and entertaining requirements.

We will also work with you to determine the most appropriate materials to use based on your home’s architectural style and setting.

A professionally-planned hardscape, establishes the physical structure that defines and connects important areas of your property and directs traffic flow.

The impact of good design is easily recognized. Properly integrated walls, walkways, patios, and fences become an extension of your existing architecture and make your landscape more dramatic. As well as do, flowers and flower bed design.


Walls can be made from many different materials, either natural stone or fabricated. They satisfy a variety of outdoor needs and can be both functional and decorative.


Wallstone comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and can be installed in many different ways. They can be dry laid, wet laid, or fastened together, depending upon the design and function. Walls can be used to define outdoor spaces, retain and level areas, or create raised planting beds.

Patios and Decks

Patios are a prime example of an outdoor living space. When properly designed and constructed they provide areas for dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing.

Patios and pool-landscapes can be made out of any stone material, from imported tumbled pavers to wet laid bluestone, and each material can be set in a variety of patterns.

A hardscape creates an instant impression and adds to your property value. Create a showcase property that commands attention by completing the scene with distinctive plantings and landscape lighting.

A quality hardscape establishes a sense of permanence in your landscape.

Whether you choose natural stone, granite, brick or one of the many new high-quality man-made products, our skilled craftsmen take great pride in building beautiful hardscapes that provide continuing enjoyment and lasting value.

Every hardscape is built to withstand the changing northeast seasons. Walkways, walls, and steps are properly constructed on deep gravel bases to endure seasonal temperature extremes and winter freeze/thaw cycles.

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Our Designers love to hear from you….

Whether your project is commercial or residential, Forever Young Landscaping will provide you with a quality hardscape product and expert installation.

We will be happy to work with your own ideas or assist you with a design to create a dramatic landscape.  Contact us for a free hardscape curbing estimate and design consultation.

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